heather eisthen
As PI, Heather spends too much time at her computer and going to meetings and not enough time doing experiments.

fernanda lopez-bermejo
Fernanda is a senior studying production of metabolites in bacteria on newt skin.

Toinu Rodgers
toinu oglesby-rodgers
Toinu is a senior developing approaches to study the histology of newt skin.

santiago rodriguez castro
Santiago is a new graduate student interested in sensory processing and brain evolution.

mara roiland
Mara is a senior who manages our animal facility.

taylor rupp
Taylor is a graduate student studying courtship communication and its neural basis in axolotls.

faheed shafau
Faheed is a junior studying adaptations for toxicity in newt skin.

lucy sullivan
Lucy is a senior studying the genetic basis of interactions between microbes and newts.

head shot of Julia Walton
julia walton
Julia is a freshman who will be working with microbial products.

samantha westcott
Samantha is a graduate student who is studying mechanisms underlying toxin production in newts.

recent collaborators

Emma Coddington, Willamette University

James Foster, University of Idaho

Elizabeth Heath-Heckman, MSU

Lauren O’Connell, Stanford University

Kevin Theis, Wayne State University